School Supplies (click)

School supplies for those students not attending Membertou School will be availaiable between 10am and 2pm Friday, September 1,2023. Students attending Membertou School school supplies will be on there desk upon returning to school September 6,2023

K4 Prepares Cake

K4 for prepares cake as a treat to the residents of Breton Ability as a Happy Valentines Day Gift, while students make Valentines Day Cards.


Membertou School will be having its Winter Carnival, Feb 13-17. Check out our Facebook Page for details

School Calender Year 2022-23

Please note: Dates subject to change based on public health restrictions that may occur during the 2022 – 2023 school year.   Maupeltuewey Kina’matno’kuom     2022 – 2023 School Year Staff Return Date Staff Only September 1, 2022 Students Return Date Students Present September 6, 2022 National Day for Truth & Reconciliation School Closed … Read more

Enia Poulette Award

For the most Artistical and /or Musical student. The winner for academic school year 2021-22 Hanna Sylvester Congratulations and good luck in the future.

Eltuek Arts Centre

We’re launching a new program for kids, Eltuek Art Kids! Let’s make art together! Kids between the ages of 8-12 are welcome to join Cadi Catlow, a professional stop motion animator from the UK, and find out how to turn inanimate objects into moving pictures! Eltuek Art Kids is free, and all materials are provided. Please bring … Read more